A Tea Cup & uniTEA PINK TEA Gift set


Introducing FashionablyHigh.ca & uniTEA PINK TEA Gift set

For the MONTH OF MARCH – Buy a pink teacup set combo featuring UniTea Pure Pink Tea! Limited offer!
Proceeds supporting @lovefoundcommunity community building initiatives in Nepal.


Steep 1 flat teaspoon of Pure Pink tea in 1 cup of 75°C (sipping-temperature) water.

Take tea leaves out after 1-2 minutes. Enjoy your cup of love and blessings!
15g tin – 10 servings per tin
30g bag -20 servings per bag
serving size:
1.5g per cup (250ml) = 1 flat teaspoon

Drink your favourite uniTEA in our
Gorgeous pink and white marbled ceramic cup
accented with stylish golden cannabis leaves inside and out and a matching
saucer with the signature FashionablyHigh cannabis mandala.

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In late 2014 during her first visit to Sri Lanka, Priscilla ( Founder of uniTEA) connected with a Russian scientist who had been living and operating a tea estate for nearly 30 years. He had recently patented a “pink tea”, made of pure camellia sinensis (the same tea leaf as green & black teas) that had higher antioxidant content than most teas on the market! His desire was to create a healthy tea that tasted better than green tea, and he succeeded in making it pretty too! 

Priscilla birthed UniTea CommUnity shortly after her daughter was born in 2016. 


The UniTea ceremony is a oneness ritual using pink tea + the power of positive intention & mindful awareness to create deeper connection in ones life. 

The journey is simple, and it looks/feels different every time! We encourage folks to find their own way of connecting to their heart and use our blessed pink tea to amplify those good vibrations!! The key is to stay present and in your heart. 

Take 5-10 minutes out of your busy day to check in with yourself, give thanks for your life, and elevate to a higher state of mind! The best part is, you get to enjoy a delicious cup of healthy tea infused with your personal loving energy! And whats even better, is that by doing this ceremony and drinking this special tea, you are helping not only yourself, but also supporting marginalized women and children in developing countries to live a better life! 

This month, purchase a pink teacup set from fashionablyhigh.ca and receive a 15g tin of pure pink tea to sample the goodness! Every sale supports us in getting one step closer to building a sustainable sanctuary and home in Nepal.


Additional information

PINK TEA 15g or 30g

tea cup + uniTEA PINK TEA 15g tin, tea cup + uniTEA PINK TEA 30g bag


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