@FashionablyHigh.ca’s instagram brand account, which consists of 26K followers, is a testimony to the dedication and commitment the beloved Canadian, woman owned, cannabis inspired lifestyle accoutrement company prides itself upon. 
With everything to lose, FashionablyHigh.ca set out to rectify an overdue bill by talking about it on social media in an attempt to raise awareness and warn other hard-working business owners of the groups’ unsavoury practices, which involves the selling of merchandise on consignment without every issuing payment.
Throughout the course of several months, FashionablyHigh.ca kindly requested payment to no avail and was met with a series of excuses and delay tactics, consequently leading to a break down in communication as direct messages were ultimately left ignored.
Lastly, a commitment to fostering healthy business relationships within an already marginalized cannabis community lead FashionablyHigh.ca to expose the groups’ non-payment status, prompting an unjustified shutdown (on july 23rd 2019 )of the lifestyle brand account after reports were filed by the angered mob.


Here is the supporting evidence , not previously posted on instagram , however now presented to showcase all of this is true:

How can YOU help?
Submit to instagram and report @fashionablyhigh.ca account being taken down was a mistake that needs to be fixed.

THE STORY that got FASHIONABLYHIGH.ca instagram account of 26K followers BLUNTLY SHUT DOWN for speaking the truth and addressing an important issue:


“As the cannabis industry is taking off and women are trying to build their place at the forefront of the industry, we are seeing a rise in the notion that the female segment of the community is using all it’s “girl power” to support and empower each other to succeed.  It is a logical assumption since we as women would not be where we are today in 2019 had we not stuck together and fought for the ideals of feminism. Female empowerment is rampant in the cannabis community; we have seen it and we have experienced it first hand from some amazing women. But what happens when some of our “sisters” use that preconception against us to build a false sense of trust so they can take advantage of our kindness and willingness to support one another?

We recently became aware of an ongoing situation in the cannabis community that has made us question how some women can exploit others for their own personal gain, while hiding behind the guise of sisterhood and female empowerment. Allow us to share with you this story of one female-owned, Canadian small business that has been trying to make their mark in the cannabis community with quality products at reasonable prices. This company has built a respectable name in the community and has quite literally put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting fellow females in the industry. Not only by supporting any event or cause that presents itself, but by actively seeking out other women within the community to support and collaborate with. This company was approached late last fall by two separate USA based groups that host events geared directly towards the female cannabis consumer. Both of these groups wanted to feature these great Canadian products for sale at their events and were looking to arrange a consignment deal in order to do so. Consignment wholesale orders were arranged and sent out to both groups (a trusted third-party had vouched for the fact that they were like-minded women who were worth supporting). Not only were the orders rushed out in late December so they would arrive in plenty of time for the events but FREE products for promotional purposes and giveaways (several hundred dollars worth) were also sent with those shipments.

These January events came and went, with little communication (if any) from either of the hosts and invoices valuing several hundred dollars each were left unpaid, yet there has been confirmation all products in their possession have been sold. Despite numerous attempts to settle the outstanding balances, these invoices are still unpaid today and nothing but tired excuses have been offered up by both of the event hosts.  The women who host these events work in conjunction with one another, and have been perpetuating the lies told by each other in an effort to avoid paying what they owe. Daily invoice reminders are being ignored, and being blocked from communication on social media platforms is a childish move that indicates that these women have zero intention of settling their well past-due account. They have continued to plan, finance and host female-centric events, while taking advantage of sponsors and hoping that the distance created by the Canada-USA border will shield them from any actual accountability. They even continue to utilize these products in their marketing material and as a selling point for their events, yet refuse to reimburse the creator for products that were sent out in good faith. Now let’s say that YOU are this entrepreneur that has found themselves in this situation. You have put your blood, sweat and tears into building your brand (all by yourself) from the ground up, and your trust has been broken in this way… how would you feel? How would you resolve this issue?

As you will notice, no names were mentioned in the telling of this story. 

This post is more about bringing awareness to the community than it is about shaming the guilty parties; they know who they are, and should already be ashamed of their actions. As women, we have a choice to either compete with each other or to support one another. Why should we work against each other in our pursuit of success when there are already enough societal barriers preventing women from reaching their full potential? Why is it that some women have a tendency to be jealous and competitive with each other, instead of realizing that encouragement, support and positivity are contagious and yield far better results? We should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. Real queens fix each other’s crowns.”


The love and support shown from the instagram community:


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